January 2018

Weather warnings, Wednesday, 17 January:

School is open today (Wednesday); conditions are thawing, roads & pavements passable with care.  No playground access as yet, so P1-4 pupils use the P1/2 entrance & P5-7 pupils use the main entrance.



Notes for Parents and Carers:

4 January 2018


Happy New Year, everyone!

Please click on the link below to se this term's after-school activity timetable - this will also be posted on the Calendar page of the website.  Please note that the teacher-run activities are NOT included (this caused some confusion last term), just those run by external providers and with whom parents make their own arrangements.  The accompanying letter is also posted above for your reference.

After-school activity timetable for Term 2, 2017-18

Please remember that the closing date for P1 applications for 2018-19 closes at noon on Wednesday 10 January 2018 .  Everyone wanting a place must apply using the appropriate form - see link below - including those who already have children attending this school.

P1 application information

Another important piece of paper for you to check or download - this term's Dinner Menu.  Click below to uncover the delights on offer...

Term 2 Dinner Menu

We've done it!  We've won our Aviva Community Award of £10000 to create our new Community Digi Hub!  We've just heard and are so, so proud!  Thanks to EVERYONE who voted, to the PTA for organising the application, to the children who helped make the video, and to Aviva for making this all happen.

It's simply amazing!