January 2018

Notes for Parents and Carers:

4 January 2018

31 January 2018

Attention P7!  To find out your costume requirements clink on Cinders

PTA summary of expenditure & need, January 2018

Happy New Year, everyone!

Please click on the link below to see this term's after-school activity timetable - this will also be posted on the Calendar page of the website.  Please note that the teacher-run activities are NOT included (this caused some confusion last term), just those run by external providers and with whom parents make their own arrangements.  The accompanying letter is also posted above for your reference.

After-school activity timetable for Term 2, 2017-18

Please remember that the closing date for P1 applications for 2018-19 closes at noon on Wednesday 10 January 2018 .  Everyone wanting a place must apply using the appropriate form - see link below - including those who already have children attending this school.

P1 application information

Another important piece of paper for you to check or download - this term's Dinner Menu.  Click below to uncover the delights on offer...

Term 2 Dinner Menu

We've done it!  We've won our Aviva Community Award of £10000 to create our new Community Digi Hub!  We've just heard and are so, so proud!  Thanks to EVERYONE who voted, to the PTA for organising the application, to the children who helped make the video, and to Aviva for making this all happen.

It's simply amazing!

Back to some more school news now - we need to take a breath after all the excitement/  Do look at our tweets

The P5 children enjoyed a visit from Kidzfarm this month, as part of their World Around Us topic on vertebrates.  Great fun and great learning!

The really big news this month is that we were successful in our application for an Aviva Community Award grant - of £10000!  What a truly wonderful achievement - for everyone!  Our PTA processed the application and promoted the project brilliantly; our pupils and staff did the same; the wider community, too.  Having received over 4700 votes to achieve a place in front of the selection panel, we were then informed that we had won.  We're all so proud - an amazing team effort!

Now we can get on with planning the hub - and the library, remember, as it's the other aim of our big project.

Thanks to everyone for their support - long may it continue!

December 2017


Notes for Parents & Carers:

6 December 2017


Welcome to December!

We all know what's coming up and we're all looking forward to bringing you much joy in the build up to the festive season.

Firstly this month, however, here is the all-important link to the P1 admissions information (and form) from the Education Authority website:

P1 admission information

Remember our Open Day is on Friday 8 December, with tours at 9.30am, 11.15am and 1.15pm.

All prospective parents are welcome; our own parents who want to visit are welcome in the afternoon, too.

Please come and visit - the only way to view a school is when the children are here.  They make school a special place for those who work here, as well as those who learn here...


And now, as Open Day approaches, here's a small selection of photos from 'around' our wonderful school...

We have P1 children busy on their Homes topic;  P2 children enjoying a visit from an ambulance, complete with paramedics; we have P3 children enjoying Scientific Sue (see earlier tweets) and active learning in literacy; there are P4 pupils engaged in their WW2 topic (as evacuees); P5 children enjoying a visit to Comber Fire Station; and P6 pupils working hard - and together - during their Skills-Based Learning on the topic of Violent Earth.

Finally, as we close the term, here are some photos from our Christmas Services (P4/5 first; P6/7 second), as well as from our Nativity, The Gigantic Star.  All were a true testament to the talents, skills and, above all, effort, of our children and staff.  Evidence of our PERMA and Growth Mindset abounds!

As a wee footnote to end 2017, check out the link below to read some exciting news about one of our recent past pupils, Ben Watson.  We take great pride in recognising achievements of all our past pupils, so please let us know of any that we may not hear about directly.  Our new set of special pupil-created Congratulations Cards will be ready in the new year, so we want to make sure they find a home where earned!

Table Tennis - Ulster Open success | Grosvenor Grammar School Table Tennis - Ulster Open success | Grosvenor Grammar School


Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year!

November 2017

Notes for Parents & Carers:

8 November 2017

15 November 2017

29 November 2017

November, at least the start of it, is all about our big new project and how we hope you can help us create the Andrews Community Digital Hub.  The PTA has already started campaigning in earnest, through its Facebook page, and a grant application for an Aviva Community Award has already been shortlisted for a £10000 award.  However, that's just the first stage.  Now we need our whole school community to register and vote to get us across the line!

The link to the project voting page is below - please take a few moments to register and vote.  You can also access the link via our twitter feed.

Vote here

You will hear lots more about our plans in the weeks to follow - as the hub is just the start of it!  Whether we get the grant or not, we are still aiming to create the hub alongside our new library as part of our drive to maintain and improve our ICT and literacy provision for all our pupils, as well as to open up access to the wider community.

Our PTA came into school to make a video to help with the promotion of the voting challenge - we'll upload that just as soon as we can, but we are 'in role'...

And then here's the Director working hard, too!

And here's the finished product - one week to go, everyone, so let's get on our case!

Our wee video